Searching for the best bar in Sarasota? You’ve found it here at The Coolinary.

Nice dinner in Sarasota

There are many occasions to go out for a dinner. Be it an anniversary, a birthday or just to get out of the house and try a new place in town. We are located downtown, Sarasota two blocks away from Marina Jack.   

Birthday party venue Sarasota

Be it a birthday, an anniversary, graduation celebration or celebrating a new job, we are the place for you.

Cocktail bar Sarasota - we are waiting for you with delicious cocktails!

100% deliciousness, 100% Coolinary! Visit Sarasota's brand new restaurant and Cocktail bar, The Coolinary.

Organic restaurant in Sarasota with fresh, organic ingridients we make you special dishes!

Our brand new organic restaurant in Sarasota will be your favourite one! Choose quality, freshness and local ingridients! We call it organic, but what to we mean about it? We'll tell you!

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