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Hungarian owners bring Hungary to Sarasota

Hungarian owners bring Hungary to Sarasota

The Coolinary is an American infused European Gourmet Restaurant with an exciting and classy atmosphere. We provide healthy food with the art of handcrafted cocktails for a date night, casual business meeting, friends' get together or any special occasion which you would like to celebrate with your loved ones.


Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and we strive to use local, healthy and gourmet products as much as we can. We are proud of our local providers and we are grateful to them for helping us to be part of this lively community.


Our goal is to find the synergy between Europe, with the fusion of the tradition of the old continent, and the fascinating American creativity. Serving healthy, always fresh food with matching and carefully selected wine and artfully handcrafted cocktails.


We can't wait to show you our American infused European dishes, our elegant bar and unique atmosphere.


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