Hungarian owners bring Hungary to Sarasota

Hungarian owners bring Hungary to Sarasota

The founders of The Coolinary are based out of Europe, specifically, Budapest, Hungary.  With a consistently growing portfolio that currently includes managing over 30 restaurants and entertainment venues, food and beverage operations at 3 prestigious hotels, 9 event locations, and almost 100,000 square feet of banquet space.  Their operations cover the full spectrum of themes including Street Food vendors, Workplace Cafeterias, Bistros and Luxury Cafes, Traditional Style, Seafood and Fine Dining restaurants.  All this is possible through our consistent growth and ongoing development and is supported by over 500 hardworking and devoted employees.




New York Café – “The Most Beautiful Café In The World” – Budapest, Hungary

Since opening in 1894, New York Café in Budapest has been known as the “The Most Beautiful Café in the World.”  Staying ahead of the times while still setting the standard in luxury.  The New York Cafe has been around for over a century but it still maintains it's old world charm while giving off a new age vibe.  With attention to details, The Boscolo Group renovated the Cafe to keep its original patina and usher in the twenty-first century.   Since it’s opening The New York Café is one of the best of the modern coffee houses in Budapest. This one you must see in Budapest


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Salon Restaurant – Budapest, Hungary

Housed in the New York Palace, in the heart of Budapest, under Executive Chef Andras Wolf's leadership, the Salon Restaurant is an essential experience in Hungarian Gastronomy.  This fine dining restaurant puts special emphasis on quality fresh ingredients.  Chef Wolf is known to personally contact produce farmers to ensure that his menus consist of the best ingredients available for the season.   His seasonal menu consists of seven courses and close to one hundred specialty wine choices to complete your experience. If you are searching for a fine dining restaurant in Budapest, Salon Restaurant is the best choice!


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BRKLYN - Budapest, Hungary

A colorful little piece of America in Europe. A great place to feel among friends.  Brooklyn has moved to Gozsdu, Budapest.  Just like the Brooklyn in New York with its vibrant melting pot culture and liveliness, BRKLYN like it's namesake, originated in a city of nightlife and inspires diversity, As well as creativity, fun times and, of course, great food. Brooklyn has taken root in Hungary. Situated in the Gozsdu courtyard of the manufacturing district in the Troffo Haz Bar, BRKLYN is a place where people from all walks of life can come together to make friends.    


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The Városliget Café & Restaurant – Budapest, Hungary

A modern but historical and cultural piece of Varosliget and Budapest, this one-hundred-year-old coffee house and Hungary's first Torley Champagne Bar, The Varosliget Cafe & Bar represent the definition of "Budapest's Romanticism".  Created to provide remarkable hospitality to both visitors and locals alike, spending time in the heart of Budapest's historical areas.  The restaurant is located in the Mujegpalya Building (Ice Skating Rink). It combines the traditional Hungarian Sunday lunch feel with the romanticism of Varosliget.  Specialties include amazing roasted black coffees, fresh Porkolt (Hungarian Stew) and Szurkemarha Tanyerhus all recall the "Golden Age" of Budapest. 


If you’re searching for a romantic restaurant in Budapest, Városliget Café & Restaurant is the best choice!

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Fakanál Restaurant – Market Hall Gallery – Budapest, Hungary

The Fakanal Restaurant and Bistro has been located in the Market Hall Gallery in the heart of Budapest since 1999.   It offers unforgettable, traditional, homestyle dishes and excellent wines, served from a true Hungarian kitchen supplied exclusively by real farmers of Hungary.  Selections range from Langos, Sausages, Pecsenye (Fried Meats) among many other delights.  The simplicity and intimate atmosphere are reminiscent of going home to your grandmother's kitchen.  


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The Bigfish Seafood Bistro – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest's main street, seafood bistro, where your taste buds and imagination run wild at the assortment of freshly prepared international seafood dishes.


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Our company has over 20 years of experience in providing high-quality catering service and event experiences our guests. Managers and Chefs work directly with clients to prepare a personalized proposal giving you the best options available. Your perfect event awaits, whether it's standing or seated reception, buffet style or cocktails and appetizers. Whatever theme of your event is, we will make it the most amazing and fabulous experience for all involved.



Many different open and closed, small or large venues are available.  While there are many differences in each of our restaurants and teams, all of them provide the same high high-quality food and service.

The Coolinary is just as suitable for small gatherings as it is for larger professional or corporate events/receptions of up to 150 people.  

The Coolinary meets all the conditions required to host a successful event whether it's a family reunion or corporate event.   Our experienced coordinators are ready to create the perfect event and will assist you from the design phase all the way through execution.



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