Chef's Table - Custom menu at Sarasota restaurant!

Chef's Table - Custom menu at Sarasota restaurant!

Chef's Table


Become a VIP Guest of the chef's table!


Invite your friends, family and business partners and act as the host at The Coolinary restaurant where our chef will create a unique and custom menu for you and your guests. A compilation of fresh and organic ingredients play a major role in creating your special menu choosing the freshest and most creative ingredients while planning the daily menu. This ensures our "Chefs Table" is ever changing and consistently fresh.  

The desire is to provide our guests a high energy and complete culinary experience including the use of "molecular" and "sous vide" techniques. The five basic elements of gastronomic harmony - color, aroma, texture, taste and serving - will be an integral part of you and your guests unique culinary experience.


Make your reservation as soon as possible so that we have an opportunity to accommodate you.  We look forward to your visit!


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