Cocktail bar Sarasota - 100% deliciousness, 100% Coolinary!

100% deliciousness, 100% Coolinary! Visit Sarasota's brand new restaurant and Cocktail bar, The Coolinary.

Cocktail bar Sarasota - we are waiting for you with delicious cocktails!

Delicious drinks at Sarasota’s newest cocktail bar 

“The cocktail is an excellent, refreshing drink, made of alcoholic drinks, sugar, water and bitter spirit” this is the definition of cocktail from 1806. The word cocktail is derived from the cock’s tail as the first cocktails were decorated with the tail from a cock. Cocktails were very popular in the beginning of the twentieth century, during the prohibition on alcohol in the US – they used the cocktails to hide the alcoholic taste. In the sixties and seventies the popularity of the cocktails decreased and in the eighties the cocktail saw it’s popularity rise again. People enjoy the various tastes and colours of cocktails.  


The Cocktail bar of Sarasota – The COOLinary!

It doesn’t matter if it is a special day to celebrate birthday or anniversary, or just another ordinary day, we always can find a good occasion to have a nice refreshing cocktail with friends or colleagues. For these gatherings we try to find a nice place where we can enjoy each other’s company. The Coolinary Restaurant and Bar is a perfect choice for having fun with friends. At our cocktail bar section you can taste wide range of delicious and colourful cocktails, whether you are celebrating your first anniversary with your partner or a birthday of a friend The Coolinary cocktail bar Sarasota is a perfect choice.


Don’t forget we have Happy Hours!

If you are hungry as well, or like wine more than cocktails – let us introduce you our Happy Hours! For more information, click HERE.


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