Happy Hour at The Coolinary

Our Happy Hour is Tuesday-Sunday from 4 pm – 6 pm. 

Sarasota bar,

During these hours you will get 2 for 1 on ALL drinks and 25% off the entire menu. Check out our tasty cocktails, our huge variety of wines and spirits, too. Our master bartender will blow your mind with his classic and exciting new cocktails. All of our cocktails are made with fresh and organic ingredients by our experienced bartenders. While you’re sipping one of your two cocktails, you can order some of our “Tastings” or order a full meal. Either way, whatever you eat is 25% off. 

The temperature is starting to rise here in Florida, what better way to beat the afternoon heat than with 2 for 1 on all of the “Coolest” cocktails in Sarasota. See you there!

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